Tuesday, November 13, 2012

weekend inventory

We have the strangest weather in Michigan.  It will never stop surprising me to spend the weekend enjoying temperatures in the high 60's, just to be greeted with temperatures in the 30's on Tuesday.

We took advantage of our warmish weather and put up all of our xmas decorations, both inside and out.  We were really in the holiday spirit and headed to the hardware store for more decorations just to discover that Santa was there!  He was a good one too.  I could not pass up getting Hank's very first picture with Santa.  Santa let daddy DJ and I join in too.  I think he was a little nervous to be holding such a tiny newborn.
whyyy didn't Santa tell me my sunglasses were still on??

Sunday I felt super domestic and took to Pinterest to find some recipes!  We made crack weenies, apple crisp and french bread pizzas.  It was a terribly gluttonous way to spend a Sunday.  Just the way I like it.

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