Monday, April 2, 2012

weekend inventory

This weekend was another short one.  Thankfully the upcoming weekend I won't be spending half my Saturday working! 

Saturday was pretty lazy after work though.  DJ and I both have allergy issues and the varying Michigan weather is no help.  After work, the two of us went to a few vintage shops and had lunch at our favorite local bar, Lowertown, followed by a much deserved nap.  DJ had a hockey game that I opted out of to remain in my pajamas and watch a million hours of Dateline that I had recorded.  I am obsessed with murder mystery type shows and documentaries and Dateline packs a mini murder mystery documentary in every episode.  TLC  plays them all day on Saturdays!!! 

This vintage shop had quite the set up.

On the way home DJ called to see if I was hungry.  Of course I was.  I made him stop and get me french fries and a shamrock shake from McDonalds because after seeing my lovely friend Marianne's Instagram photo of her shamrock shake I couldn't possibly go another minute without one myself.

Sunday started off a little slow and crabby.  Husband and I had decided that we were going to get cleaning out of the way right when we woke up and boy were we sour about that.  I fully intended on winning the lottery on Friday and never having to clean my own house again so you can imagine my attitude towards dusting and doing dishes.  Once we had finished cleaning and bickering about who had to swiffer the bathroom we got a call that we had two free tickets to the Red Wings game waiting for us on behalf of the ice arena that DJ rents ice from weekly for his team to practice at!  Baby Bloom's first Red Wings game!

That changed our mood instantly.  We headed down to the game and had the best time.  Our row even won free pizzas!  Hope you had a good weekend too!


Marianne said...

too funny. I laughed out loud & Alex look at me like I was crazy when I read the line about our shake. ;)

Laura said...

I saw though that you added oreo and I think I really messed up by not getting it with oreo. There's always next time though, right?

Marianne said...

Right!! :D have DJ ask for extra oreo though, they don't understand the amount us ladies need. ;)