Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Despite the gorgeous weather last week and a victory from DJ's hockey team, the past week was a heart breaking one.  DJ's Grandma Helen passed away on St. Patrick's Day.  I can't tell you how sad my poor husband and his family have been.  It absolutely tears me apart to see them so broken.
photo credit: marianne worlow photography
 Grandma Helen is in a better place and as my very wise mother said, I know she will now be an angel to the precious baby inside of me.  DJ and I were home when we received the call about Grandma Helen.  DJ spent the night re-telling me stories about his Grandma and his childhood.  We pulled down boxes of old photos.  Old photos of his grandma, but also old photos of his mother, father, grandpa (whom I never met), including photos from their childhood.  It was so lovely to hear these stories again and to try to guess who's who in these beautiful old photos.  To top it off, we discovered about eleven old rolls of film and disposable cameras that had never been developed!

Grandma Helen will be greatly missed.  The funeral and the day was spent sharing stories of what a wonderful and selfless woman she truly was.  The pastor that married my husband and I was also the pastor that led the funeral services.  He said something that really resonated with me.  He said that you can tell the type of person someone was by the fruit that they bare.  Helen Daisy Kelly Johnson had 4 daughters, nine grandchildren and even 4 great grandchildren with one on the way.  The proof of what a wonderful person she was is evident in this incredible family that I am so proud to be a part of. Rest in peace Grandma Helen.


Marianne said...

"you can tell the type of person someone was by the fruit that they bare," gave me goose bumps. So true. Life sure is a precious gift & Helen you sure sound like a lady that made it so for so many. xo.

Laura said...

I know! It instantly made me cry when the pastor said that. Helen was definetely the roots of the family :) xoxx