Monday, November 14, 2011

monday morsels: places to go - people to see

I just hate Mondays.  Period.  They are no (zero - zilch) fun and it would be better if I could just skip past this day all together.  End rant.

Despite my case of the Mondays, I did have another good weekend.  Hockey, music and bars with friends.  (only a few hours were spent raking up the remaining leaves that last weeks wind and s**w set free on my lawn)  I also was asked to do something really fun on my blog that I absolutely can't wait to share with you.  It's so exciting.  Stay tuned...

* DJ won his hockey game on Friday and tied on Sunday.  No losses!!
* Michnos juke box.  I spent 3 nights in a row at the best dive bar, listening to the best music.
* The Hounds Below at PJ's Lager House in downtown Detroit.
* Having Friday off of work for Veteran's Day.  Yay!
* Circuit Training on Hines Drive and stopping in to Nankin Mills to visit the beasts from the Rouge River.
* Veteran's Day sales makes for good shopping.
* Fixing the washing machine.

Shopping scores

The beginning of a long night, but I am wearing vintage Chanel :)

PJ's Lager House mosh pit divider

* Hangovers
* Snow flurries and wind.
* Losing a brand new lip stain that I had just purchased the night before.
* Cleaning my house on Wednesday, just for it to be dirty again by Sunday night.
* Missing a thin strip of hair on your legs when you shave in a hurry (or when you're supremely hungover)
My hangover helper

Goodbye Monday.  I hate you.

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